Titles Available for Purchase

  • The Lockdown Series

    8 videos  |   Buy $15.90

    A series of 6 video classes to keep you sane (and in shape) during this Winter lockdown.

    + Bondi Flows to breathe, flow, sweat, stretch and relax
    + Pilates to strengthen
    + Yin Yoga to relax and ground

    Bonus: 2 short & sweet guided meditations for more clarity and calm.

    All classes come with a...

  • The Prenatal Series

    4 videos  |   Buy $15.90

    The perfect series to connect to your body and your baby during pregnancy.

    - 2 x 35-minute prenatal yoga sessions to move, breathe, connect, open, and ground
    - 1x 10-minute prenatal yoga session to center and create space
    - 1 x 10-minute guided meditation for inner peace and calm

  • TCM Late Summer Series

    7 videos  |   Buy $29.29

    Welcome to Fi's TCM program, the Late Summer Series. In this edition we will work on creating harmony in your body through meditation, yin, yin-yang yoga and pilates. We hope you enjoy this balanced program that will help you relax as well as release that energy that comes with the (late) summer ...

  • The Morning Series

    9 videos  |   Buy $29.47

    Get ready to wake up and feel good. Introducing The Morning Series with Roos, a three-week program designed to help you connect to your body and set the tone for the rest of the day. Starting the day with movement and intention will give you a peaceful and centered start, whether that begins at 6...