Free Classes

  • Yoga Nidra w/ Fi | 20 minutes

    Time: 20 minutes.
    Props: a bolster or as many pillows as you like and 2 blankets or towels.
    Level: all levels.

    Join Fi as she guides you through a soothing yoga nidra session, creating the right conditions for true relaxation. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and just listen.

    In the ...

  • Yin Evening flow w/ Judith for relaxing and winding down | 30 minutes

    A practice that invites you to slow down, melt into your mat and relax at the end of the day. Savour the long poses and allow your body to surrender.

    Props: 1 or 2 blankets (optional).
    Levels: all levels.

  • Bondi Autumn + Winter Flow w/Roos for open, strong shoulders | 30 minutes

    Join Roos as she guides you through this shoulder opener flow. This flow is especially great if you notice discomfort and stiffness in your body. For most this automatically happens when the days get colder. As our bodies start to get cold too, the first thing we do is tighten our shoulders and r...

  • Bondi Flow w/ Ashley for strength and fresh new energy | 30 minutes

    Join Ashley as she guides you through this lovely 30-minute practice to renew your energetic body, strengthen your physical body and calm your mind.

    Props: no props needed.
    Level: all levels.
    * open on a s...

  • Morning flow w/ Anika to wake up the body and boost circulation | 30 minutes

    Use this flow right when you roll out of bed, to wake up the entire system and boost your circulation.

    Props: no props needed.
    Level: all levels.
    *open on a separate device or your Spotify app

  • Yin Slow w/ Veda Ela for more space in the lower back | 10 minutes

    A 10-minute practice targeting the lower back, guided by Veda Ela from her home in the Costa Rican jungle.

    Props: no props needed.
    Level: all levels.
    *open on a separate device or your Spotify

  • Grounding Breathing Exercise w/ Melanie | 5 minutes

    Try this quick breathing exercise to ground immediately and balance the yin (female) and yang (male) energies within you, using the technique of alternate nostril breathing. Great for any time of the day.

  • Kids Yoga: een simpele oefening voor het slapen gaan

    Een simpele en leuke ademshalingoefening voor je kind (en zelf word je er ook lekker rustig van ;). Heel fijn om samen te doen voor het slapengaan.

  • Pilates w/ Rachel powerhouse training | 30 minutes

    Powerhouse it is. Leave it up to Rachel to activate your core from the inside out and improve posture and strength.

    Props: a block (or alternatively a book) and a ball (or alternatively a cushion) (it's also possible to do this class without the props).
    Level: all levels.
    Music*: https://open.sp...