TCM & Yin Course - The Winter Recess

TCM & Yin Course - The Winter Recess

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Led by Fi de Wit, TCM & Yin is a 5-class online yin yoga course rooted in the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This course gives you the tools you need to relax into your body, nourish the nervous system and unblock stagnation. On top, you’ll learn the foundations of TCM and how you can integrate its principles in your daily life to prevent dis-ease and live more in sync with the seasons.

This course is part of a series of courses and focuses specifically on the Winter Season, with its Chinese element Water.

What you’ll get:

- 5 online Yin practices
- Simple acupressure exercises
- The foundations of TCM
- A detailed workbook
- Curated Spotify playlists

About Fi:

Fi de Wit is a natural teacher with more than 15 years of yoga experience. In 2018, Fi graduated from the Shenzou Open University in Amsterdam with a major of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of Yin Yoga, TCM, breathwork, and mindfulness teachings. Fi’s classes are a real treat.

TCM & Yin Course - The Winter Recess
  • TCM & Yin, the Winter Recess. What to expect?

  • Make your own props

    The yin sessions in this course are all restorative and therapeutic by nature, designed to wind down your body & mind, restoring them to their optimal health. To help your system to get into the relax mode ('rest & digest' vs 'flight or fight'), it is recommended to make use of props when...

  • TCM & Yin #1

    Starting with Bee Pranayama, this first session sets the mood to slow down and turn inwards. Poses focus on the opening and release of the shoulders, the spine, and the heart area.

    *open on a separate device or with the Spotify app.

  • TCM & Yin #2

    This session includes a classical breathing exercise, cat/cow, childs pose, reclined butterfly, happy baby, spinal twist, and supported savasana.

    *open on a separate device or with your Spotify app.

  • TCM & Yin #3

    In this session, you'll be invited to go in slow motion and notice the effects of your breathing. Poses include toe stand, sphinx, childs pose and a variation of twists.

    *open on a separate device or with your Spotify app.

  • TCM & Yin #4

    Make yourself nice and comfortable for this extra extra extra nourishing restorative yin session to fully arrive in your body and experience the subtle flow of energy in the targeted areas.

    * open on a separate device or with your S...

  • TCM & Yin #5

    In this session we'll be using a wall, for total support and relaxation.
    The session starts with a grounding breathing exercise, then moving into butterfly, neck stretches, legs against the wall, twisting against the wall, and ending with a final round of breathwork to center and release.


  • TCM & Yin The Winter Recess Workbook

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