The Detox Program

The Detox Program

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This 3-day yoga & pilates program is designed to support the body's natural detoxification process through mindful movement and breathing exercises. Combine this with an actual detox program to enhance the process and give your body & mind just what they need.

Upon registration, you'll receive a coupon from Frecious to buy your juice detox with EUR 15 off.

The Detox Program consists of 5 x 30(ish)-minute videos. Expect a combination of:

- Yoga to cleanse,
- Pilates to strengthen, and
- Breathwork to relax,

Leaving your whole being feeling re-energised and bright, from the inside out.

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The Detox Program

5 Videos

  • The Detox No. 1

    Detox Day 1, Practice 1, starting with a mix of yoga and pilates to prepare your body & mind to cleanse and set your intention.

    Props needed: a blanket and a pillow (optional).
    *open on a separate devi...

  • The Detox No.2

    Detox Day 1. Evening flow. This second practice is all about moving and twisting, activating the natural detoxification process of your body.

    Props needed: a blanket and a pillow (optional).
    *open on a sep...

  • The Detox No. 3

    Detox Day 2. A soft yoga flow to cleanse - spiced up a little by activating the core muscles to find inner strength.

    Props: a blanket and a pillow (optional).

  • The Detox No. 4

    Detox Day 3, morning class. A pilates class to activate the core. This is a strengthening & lengthening mat class designed to sculpt & tone.

    Props: a blanket and a pillow (optional).

    *open on a se...

  • The Detox No. 5

    Detox Day 3, evening class. A soft flow to check in with yourself while moving and stretching your body, leaving you feeling renewed from the inside out.

    Props: a blanket and a pillow (optional)

    *open on ...