• Evening Meditation w/ Lilian | 35 minutes

    Make yourself comfortable, grab as many pillows and blankets as you need as you’ll be guided through different relaxation techniques (including reiki) to get into a super relaxed state of mind.

    Time: 35 minutes.
    Props: As many pillows and blankets as you wish.
    Level: all levels.

  • Yoga Nidra w/ Fi | 20 minutes

    Time: 20 minutes.
    Props: a bolster or as many pillows as you like and 2 blankets or towels.
    Level: all levels.

    Join Fi as she guides you through a soothing yoga nidra session, creating the right conditions for true relaxation. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and just listen.

    In the ...

  • Meditation w/ Luca for calm and clarity | 20 minutes

    Without a doubt, this is one of our most favourite meditations. Lying down, eyes closed, using as many pillows as possible to support yourself in the relaxation process. Focusing on the breath, watching the thoughts as they pass. Only listening to Luca’s Italian accent is a relaxation practice in...

  • Quick Breathing Exercise w/ Judith | 4 minutes

    Time: 4 minutes.
    Props: your right hand.
    Level: all levels.

    This breathing technique has a calming effect on the nervous system while creating a more alert and focused mind. You can do it as a stand-alone practice, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or any time during the day when y...

  • Grounding Breathing Exercise w/ Melanie | 5 minutes

    Try this quick breathing exercise to ground immediately and balance the yin (female) and yang (male) energies within you, using the technique of alternate nostril breathing. Great for any time of the day.